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Joining hands to protect the marine environment

(11/29/2019 12:00:00 AM)

Ca Mau is a coastal province with a coastline of about 254km long and a total sea area of approximately 80,000 square kilometers. This sea area was abundant in fisheries resources and diverse in species composition, however, nowadays, its marine environment is polluted. Therefore, the implementation of feasible solutions to reduce and prevent environmental pollution is an urgent issue, in which the 'Clean up the sea' campaign implemented by the Ca Mau Border Guard since 2016 that is a practical and effective activity.

In order to further reduce and prevent marine pollution, in 2019, Ca Mau Border Guard directed the border guard stations and teams to coordinate with coastal localities to continue implementing the "Clean up the sea" in an extensive way. Accordingly, border guard stations and teams in the process of carrying out their missions always actively propagate about the role of climate change on human life and sense of responsibility with the protection of the marine environment. Thereby, the cadres, soldiers and people along the coastal area of ​​Ca Mau province are able to clearly identify the awareness, responsibility and effectively participate in sea cleaning activities launched by the Ca Mau Border Guard.

Responding to the "Clean up the Sea" Campaign, recently, Tam Giang Tay Border Guard Station and Hon Khoai Border Guard Station collaborated with local forces to launch the "Clean Up the Sea" campaign, which attracted more than 100 cadres, soldiers and also the youth participated. At the same time, the cadres and soldiers of Tam Giang Tay Border Guard Station and Hon Khoai Border Guard Station also mobilized hundreds of fishermen and businesses in the area to sign commitments with the Border Guard Force about the implementation of marine environmental protection, which associated with the task of protecting sovereignty and maritime border security. The Border Guard is not only the organizer and coordinator of the sea cleaning activities, but also actively participates in the programs of the other units.

Notably, Ca Mau Border Guard officers and soldiers have actively contributed a part of their efforts in the "Journey for the homeland islands" organized by Youth Newspaper at Hon Khoai Island of Ca Mau Province on the last days of March 2019. As a result, in only one morning, Ca Mau Border Guard officers and soldiers and members of the "Journey for the homeland islands" gathered around the island with over two tons of waste and then treated them immediately.

As a participant in the "Journey for the homeland islands", journalist Mai Thanh Hai shared: "The participation in waste collection at Hon Khoai island this time of the members in ‘Journey for the countryside islands’ in general and of the cadres and soldiers of Ca Mau Border Guard in particular have expressed their own views and responsibilities towards the environment. At the same time, the participation delivers messages to people: Joining hands to protect the environment, each action for environmental protection is directly helping our-self to live better and healthier”.

Not only did the "Clean up the sea" campaign, according to Major Nguyen Chi Nguyen, the deputy head of Politics of Ca Mau Border Guard, these days, the Border Guard stations also regularly organized practical and effective activities contributing to cleaning the marine environment such as "Voluntary Saturday" and "Green Sunday"; maintain strictly the implementation of the law on natural resources, marine environment, islands, and the Decree No. 179 dated November 14, 2013 of the Government regulating administrative sanctions in the field of environmental protection. Since then, they effectively improve the awareness and responsibility of the people in the protection of living environment.

For fishermen, according to Major Nguyen Chi Nguyen, depending on each means operating in each fishing ground, before going for fishing at sea, or each time the water was out, when the fishing boats came inshore, the Border Guard stations also propagate for fishermen to improve their knowledge of maritime sovereignty, responsibilities of fishermen in fishing together with protecting the natural resources of the sea and ensuring safety equipment for people and fishing boats; especially mobilize fishermen do not go for fishing illegally at foreign waters.

In addition, the Coast Guard stations also regularly promote the propaganda for fishermen in well obeying fishing in the right areas, routes; not destroying marine resources; and not throwing garbage into the sea.

Joining hand to protect the marine environment with Ca Mau Border Guard officers and soldiers, Mr. Quanh Thanh Liem, a fisherman living in Song Doc Town, Tran Van Thoi District, Ca Mau Province, shared: “Our fishermen was often propagandized and explained by officials and soldiers at the Border Guard stations about the harmful effects of garbage and environmental pollution. So when fishing at sea, seeing plastic wrap or lubricant, we all collected and bring them back to dispose under the guidance of the Border Guard. Besides, we are also reminded by the Border Guard officers to improve knowledge about laws; are propagandized regulations on areas to fishing, areas as known as foreign waters which do not allow violation; are encouraged to proactively prevent and mitigate natural disasters and accidents at sea”.


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