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Seafood export turnover expected to reach 8.8 billion USD

(12/23/2019 12:00:00 AM)

In 2019, Vietnam's total fisheries output is estimated at over 8.1 million tons, of which capture fisheries is 3.707 million tons and aquaculture is 4.3 million tons. It is expected that the seafood export turnover will reach 8.8 billion USD, making an important contribution to the country's economic development, improving livelihoods, stabilizing fishermen's life.

This information was stated at the conference to discuss solutions to protect and develop fisheries resources under the Fisheries Law 2017, held by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) on December 19, in Hanoi.

According to MARD, besides positive results, Vietnam's fisheries sector has faced many difficulties and challenges such as the decline of marine and inland fisheries resources; pollution of plastic waste, pollution of habitat of aquatic species due to the development of a number of economic sectors (industry, tourism, etc); degradation of aquatic ecosystems (coral ecosystem, seagrass ecosystem, etc).

MARD will continue to propagate to individuals and organizations assigned to manage aquatic resources and people engaged in capture fisheries to sign commitments to comply with law provisions on exploitation and protection of aquatic resources; mobilize owners of establishments that buy, process and trade in aquatic products to commit not to trade in or capture endangered, precious and rare aquatic species.


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